Penicillin 3

Micah Anderson

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The third issue of the acclaimed Eclectic RPG Zine, now featuring Even More Contributors (and an original game/illustration).

Comprised of:

  • The Peridem, a Troika! monster who just wants friendship,
  • A generator for pharmaceutical amphibians,
  • A small dungeon based on middle-aged women and their love of wine,
  • The dread city Nacre, deep underground,
  • And much, much more!

And written by a crack-team of authors, including:

  • Blake M. Stone,
  • Kaylee Rowena,
  • Thriftomancer,
  • Micah Anderson,
  • Fiona Maeve Geist,
  • Chuffed Chuffer,
  • Brian Richmond,
  • and Jared Sinclair.

The reviews are in:

  • "And you titled it Penicillin? An rpg zine? Why?"
  • "There needs to be a subtitle if you're dead set on that name."
  • "...there's not an ice cube's chance in hell I'm paying for your game now."
  • "My dude you have not adequately communicated at all what the content is."
  • "???"
  • "I would suggest stat blocks for some of the most common systems. 5e, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds."

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