Ancient Undead Spider Wizard

Fish in the Pot

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Vinyl pressing, 7". Two-color sleeve. New.

"Ancient Undead Spider Wizard is a dungeon adventure for rules-light tabletop roleplaying games. Delve into a magical crypt to retrieve rare items of power. Be careful not to take the Ancient Undead Spider Wizard buried in the center of the crypt!

Ancient Undead Spider Wizard is also a short collection of electronic music captured on a seven-inch vinyl record. Each of the instrumentals collected here inspires one of the four featured encounters that await adventurers inside the dungeon."

Includes Item and Adversary Tarot Cards.

Written by Geoffrey Cullop. Art by acid_lich. Map by Abigal LaLonde. Edited by Jared Sinclair. 

Music by Geoffrey Cullop. Mixed by John Puckett. Pressed by Kindercore Records. 

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