Crypts of Indormancy

Melsonian Arts Council

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64 pages, sewn hardcover, A5. Color cover, black and white interior. New.

Yet onward came the Plastron’d Host, their Pikes
Nacreous, flashing with each Tortoise Step.
Axe bit Helm, Birds-of-War found Elven Eye’n,
And Blood-slick Hands let Steel meet crimson Surf.
Cried my Lord, Firstborn of the Dwarf-Breaker,

'Knights of the Metropolis, and Magi,
And Yeomen pledg’d to War for Steadings free,
Fly not, for in the Tower, my Design
Has sped. From our scuted Captive I have
One true, abyssal Name by Science wrung:

That Fiend they venerate by Fires at Sea,
Unnamable no more. A Hecatomb
Of Slaves prepare, to glut my Servitor
From Voids beyond the Night. The Queensport’s Bane
Shall now our Savior turn. Victory, hail!'"

Adventure for old-school fantasy roleplay. Written by Ezra Claverie. Illustrated by Andrew Walter.

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