Disposable Heroes

Sandy Pug Games

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Deck of 65 cards, 5 x 3 inches. Full color. New.

"Disposable Heroes is a Powered By The Apocalypse Tabletop RPG set in an electro-slick neon futurescape known as Neo-Francisco. This is a future fantasy world where demons, liches, dragons and monsters live in floating pyramids, deep underground lairs and holographic obelisks deep in the heart of a vibrant, pulsing city of music and lights.

You play as employees of Disposable Heroes, the latest gig-economy app to hit the scene. Your job is to deliver packages to these powerful and terrifying beings—they don't like to go out much, you see. Their lairs are deadly, full of traps and monsters that don't really care if you have a package for Draxxus Bombastus the Lich king—they get paid to stop intruders, and that's you."

By Sandy Pug Games. 

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