Forking Paths #1

Orbis Tertius

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24 pages, staple-bound softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Full color cover, black and white interior. New. 

"The Viridian Maw is a bowl-shaped valley dozens of miles wide, set within a surrounding wilderness of temperate forest but clearly a biome unto itself. It is defined by overgrowth: thick vegetation; flora and fauna of prodigious size; bizarre centuries-old stone ruins slowly reclaimed by moss, root, and vine. Fungi of all kinds flourish in the lush misty dampness of the Maw, and fungal influence has given rise to strange new lifeforms and ecologies. Resting at the Maw’s heart: the ancient Gardenfort. Seized, once upon a time, as seat for the court and riches of a grandiose bandit-king, and renamed as his Velvet Palace. Now a long-abandoned grave for that same host — all claimed one fateful night by swift, obscure disaster."

By Nathan Harrison.

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