Forking Paths #2

Orbis Tertius

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24 pages, staple-bound softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Full color cover, black and white interior. New. 

"The Minotaur and his infamous Labyrinth cast a long shadow, despite being little more than an interlude in the lives of Greek royals and monarchs-to-be. Chalk part of it up to aesthetics: the allure of the endless maze, swallowing all to wander endlessly within. Labyrinths persist for their literalizing of the human condition — sometimes making the leap from imagination into the real, like the unicursal labyrinths gracing the floors of medieval churches and cathedrals (metaphorical pilgrimages; to Jerusalem, to spiritual bliss) or the older knots, spirals, and mazes cut into turf or laid out with rocks. We’re all doomed to die in these halls, bound to our path or free to choose between this door and that in search of a way out, knowing too well the truth that none have escaped before us while alive. Thus, the Labyrinth. Our mortal coil, rendered in stone."

By Nathan Harrison.

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