Bakto's Terrifying Cuisine

Spear Witch

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48 pages, casebound hardcover, A5. Full color. New. All images represent stock renders of material that is subject to change before printing.

"The entrance to the Kitchen Arena appears only to those hungry or foolish enough to find it. Perhaps a dusty pantry in a backwater restaurant, or a forgotten refrigerator in the basement of a busy hotel. The door closes behind you—it never opens again. At the bottom of a long set of pristine stairs, Bakto awaits."

An adventure for The Vanilla Game or another fantastic roleplaying game of your choosing, by Giuliano Roverato. Includes the immortal demon himself, the stadium dungeon he inhabits, and the various odd beings and objects that hang around in there. Additionally includes several new and exciting game modes and an NPC adventuring party!

A truly savory adventure, good for one session of nail-biting play with starving-level adventurers. Lives are on the line in this culinary competition!

The Spear Witch Adventure Writers' Series

Bakto's Terrifying Cuisine is the second book in the Spear Witch Adventure Writers' Series. Featuring clean and modern graphic design, the Adventure Writers' Series is a stark showcase of some of the best prose in tabletop role-playing games today. 

By Giuliano Roverato. Editing by Jared Sinclair. Cover and graphic design by Micah Anderson. Interior art by Silva João.

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