A Pound of Flesh

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52 pages, staple-bound softcover, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Two-color throughout. New.

A Pound of Flesh is a toolkit for building your own run-down, back-water, black market space station. And all in a compact zine format. Written by Donn Stroud and Sean McCoy, it includes:

  • The fully developed space station Prospero’s Dream, packed with dozens of locations, NPCs, and tools for running adventures in the city-sized station.

  • Tools for generating your own space station.

  • Rules for customizing your character with cybermods.

  • Tons of brands new weapons, creatures, drugs, and anything else void-faring criminals would want to get their hands on.

Written by Sean McCoy, Donn Stroud, and Luke Gearing. Illustrated by Jay Buragay and Sean McCoy. Edited by Jarrett Crader. For Mothership 1e.

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