Aberdeen 02

Project NERVES

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24 pages, staple-bound softcover, 9 x 6 inches. Full color. New.

Issue 2 of the premiere modern-fantasy setting for your favorite tabletop game. 

Welcome to the center of the known world—Mercy. The skyline of metal and concrete covers centuries past, while the glass windows bake the city streets below. The sun sets and the miles of urban development and telephone wires reach out towards the clouds through silhouettes. Neon blinks in polyrhythmic patterns.

  • Ezra University, the largest bards college in the world
  • A camera store and magical instrument shop
  • A library dungeon full of weirdness
  • A graveyard repurposed as a school park
  • A murder mystery
  • And a bar crawl that's sure to knock out low level parties

By John Battle and Emma Levin.

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