Asterlan Odyssey Complete Collection

JP Coovert

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Three zines, staple-bound softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Full color. With foldout map. New.

"The evil warlock, Drakon has returned and it's up to a group of young apprentices to stop his monsters before they take over all of Asterlan!"

  • Asterlan Odyssey #1 Drakon’s Curse is an introduction to the world of Asterlan. It includes random encounter tables, a unique background system, a starting quest to help build a backstory amongst players, and an 11” x 17” folded map.

  • Asterlan Odyssey #2 The Ruinous Voyage details all of the locations the players can explore on their quest. This double-sized issue includes five unique quest hubs and seven classic NES RPG inspired dungeons like a slime swamp, haunted mansion, sunken temple, volcanic forge, and a floating castle.

  • Asterlan Odyssey #3 A Monster Draws Near collects all 34 monsters and 39 items players can encounter and collect while exploring Asterlan. Each monster is fully illustrated and includes attacks, special abilities, and general stats so you can easily adapt them to whatever game you are playing.

A low-level system-neutral tabletop adventure campaign inspired by old-school NES RPGs like the original Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. By JP Coovert.

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