Dagon in 60 Seconds

Orbital Intelligence

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36 pages, staple-bound softcover, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Full color cover, black-and-white interior. New.

"The Solera family once held estates in that most benighted and witch-ridden of lands, the ancient province of Averoigne. Their search for greater and more terrible power led them down a path into the blackest of magicks—eventually exposed, they were forced to flee through a dimensional rift after a short but deadly conflict. After indeterminate time spiraling through time and space, they emerged in a subtropical fen. There they founded their new stronghold, hunched as it was unnaturally on the shores a preternaturally warm and salty bay, like a spider perched unmoving at the center of a web. In their arrogance, the Soleras named this new land and their new city after themselves, New Solera, City of Prisms, and bestowed themselves with the vainglorious titles of the Lords Dagon."

A hex-crawl and heist adventure for drivers of level 1+, appropriate for use with Dungeon Grand Prix and Dungeon Crawl Classics. By Noora Rose. 

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