Erno Noise, Issue 11

Orbital Intelligence

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16 pages, staple-bound softcover, A4. Full color. New.

"When I was young I used to wonder what it'd be like to be in the city on my own. I wanted most to leave the care center and find one of those 'ell ess see' things I heard my teachers chat about. They seemed to really enjoy those, so I thought they must have been real special. Everything those teachers liked was special, like most grown-up things.

"Looking back they seemed so much older than I could ever be too. It was impossible to be that age. Of course that must have been 28 standard, at maximum. And now here I am, what age again? I got nothing to say about that, except just that spent so much time with those 'ell ess sees' once I was a tiny bit older I learned all about them, so much I started making a fuckin' magazine. Couldn't avoid it, it's all I ever talked about, or thought about. We all have a calling."

A diegetic zine of cultural commentary on the cities of regional areas A-H, created by the people of Erno. For use with Mothership RPG. By Sean Richer and DN Wilkie.

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