Green Glyphs Lenormand

Prisma Visions

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41 poker-size cards with prismatic gold edges and 80-page guidebook, in magnetic box. With faux suede satchel.

"The origins of Lenormand can be traced back to 1800. Lenormand is comprised of a set of 36 pictorial symbols that can be used to tell a story and offer insight into the future. When I first started learning Lenormand this idea of reading a Grand Tableau was daunting to me- 36 cards is a lot of information to take in at once. So I set out to create a deck that could be read quickly by color, giving the beginning reader an early advantage." - James R. Eads

With second significators for the gentleman and lady, as well as two gender-neutral significators, and an "Albatross" card in case you don't like the Cross.

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