In the Light of a Blood Moon

Micah Anderson

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16 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

"An entrepreneur grins, iron teeth reflecting blazing sulfuric flames in polychrome hues. He tilts his hat and wipes his brow with a lacy, saccharine-sweet-scented handkerchief, monogrammed with thread of gold. His workers, human, demon, and damned alike tremble in the heat, swinging picks and operating steam shovels, digging through stygian soil and laying out ties for the new Transdimensional Railroad. Screams of the underperforming echo through the infernal night, and he grins even more. The Dis Station will be completed even soon than he'd hoped."

A weird west supplement for In the Light of a Setting Sun, by Micah Anderson and Luke Gearing.

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