Nemesys 76: A Crapland Fever Dream, Deluxe Bundle

Spear Witch

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76 pages, wiro-bound softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches. Black and white. New. With shirt and art print.


"The first rays of light stream over the mostly-empty parking lot at the local Planetarium. A couple of early-morning stragglers stand in line. A banner announces "King Jupiter Day." MEL. angrily stands underneath it trying to be first in line and mean-mugging anyone who gets close to her or the #1 spot. This is a black-and-white sequence."

A script for some kind of Crapland. screenplay. Running time: 30 minutes. By Sean Richer.

Comes with XXL long-sleeve t-shirt, and numbered, limited-edition 8x5 art print.

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