The Isle

Spear Witch

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80 pages, casebound hardcover, A5. Color cover, black and white interior. New.

"The Isle is tiny, a mere 40 acres of forbidding rock and low grasses. Seen from the sea, the monastery buildings stand adjacent to the peak of the isle, lit by a fire atop a tower. The monks never let the fire go out.

"Cliffs rise above the bitter sea, mauled by waves and weather. Fallen stones jut like Frisian horses, big enough to skewer whales. The abbot knows this, because he has seen it."

An adventure for The Vanilla Game or another fantastic or historical roleplaying game of your choosing, by Luke Gearing. Includes the isle itself, the monks that inhabit it and protect its secret, and the large, open-ended dungeon beneath.

The first book in the Spear Witch Adventure Writers' Series. Featuring clean and modern graphic design, the Adventure Writers' Series is a stark showcase of some of the best prose in tabletop role-playing games today. 

By Luke Gearing. Editing by Jared Sinclair. Graphic design by Micah Anderson.

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