Red Solstice, Issue 2

Red Solstice

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28 pages, staplebound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

"The Farmlands of Fen and the City of Fenbridge call for the GUILD's aid in culling the brood of Drakes (large, flying), children of the great dragon Talumex, who as of now still slumbers. Kill as many as you see, and return to Fenbridge their teeth for payment. 20G per dragon tooth."

A variety zine. Cover art by Reinapepiada. Editing by Jarrett Crader. Layout by Stella Joy Condrey. Featuring the work of Cam Silva, Stella Condrey, Christian Kessler, Fred Dinsmore, Kirby Franklin, Ciara McOmber, Thriftomancer, Nico Santagoy, Spooky Rusty, and Seth Ian.

Issue 1 available here.

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