Red Solstice, Issue 3

Red Solstice

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32 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

"Half a century ago, the Pink Pellars were servants to a queen who grew within her the little heir to a little kingdom. They helped her to escape the wrath of the Pinkhall Usurper, a wormy man whose wormier son now sits on the throne of that little kingdom."

A variety zine. Cover art by Rhys Vương Nguyễn. Editing by Jarrett Crader. Layout by Stella Condrey. Featuring the work of Cade Crites, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Mark Conway, Nico Santagoy, Revenant Rogue, Seth Ian, and Spooky Rusty.

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