Red Solstice, Issue 4

Red Solstice

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36 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

"The much-renowned swordmaster Dame Viccuna of Icat said, when asked about the art of the blade: 'Blades are not an art, you pompous wretch. Do not use a sword. Swords are for egotistical fool and impotent cuckold patricians.' When asked why she wielded a sword, she replied 'Because I am an egotistical fool, you lout!'"

A variety zine. Cover art by Collenel Atom. Editing by Jarrett Crader. Layout by Stella Joy Condrey. Featuring work by Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Ewen Macalister, Fred Dinsmore, Jason Wardell, Katt Kirch, Revenant Rogue, Seth Ian, Spooky Rusty, and Stella Condrey.

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