Spectacle Deluxe

Bolt-Neck Opossum

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56 pages, sewn-bound softcover in yellow thread, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Color cover, black-and-white interior, risograph print on textured paper. New.

Spectacle is an all-in-one world setting, adventure hook, and background compendium for Troika!, inspired by that classic comic-book premise: an insane alien overlord has kidnapped you and forced you into gladiatorial combat! Craft your character from d66 unique backgrounds and prepare to step forth into battle against other characters, sinister alien threats, and perhaps even the omnipresent EYE itself. Winning your freedom is only the beginning! For fans of Jack Kirby's Fourth World, living planets such as Mogo and Ego, Junji Ito's Hellstar Remina, and the weirder pallet of comic tropes.

This deluxe edition features a textured-paper cover, stitched binding in yellow thread, and a bonus adventure by Luke Gearing.

Written by Seth Ian, with artwork by Mark Conway, editing by Luke Gearing, and layout by Tony Jaguar. 

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