Terror of the Stratosfiend: Snake Wolf 3 (Work Print)

Orbital Intelligence

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Perfect-bound softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches. Color cover, black-and-white interior. New.

This is a work-print copy of the upcoming book "Terror of the Stratosfiend : Snake Wolf 3" (on Kickstarter now, just click this). The cover is stock art, the interior is LaTeX standard (it includes the Pandoc command used to output the file), the kind of thing you don't typically see for sale. As such, these are available at retail in impossibly small quantities—Spear Witch only has a handful, and we have all of them. They are not numbered or signed.

A very odd, collectible, and fully usable* version of what is sure to be the strangest mega-dungeon of 2024. If nothing else, you'll get the full text of the book well ahead of anyone else (including the graphic designer). Compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics. By Sean Richer.

*The book does include a clause at the front forcing the purchaser to "swear not to run this." So caveat emptor, I guess.

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