You Wouldn't Last One Minute On The Creek (Parfait Edition)

Orbital Intelligence

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I was once watching a certain beloved show about a sentient creek. When I brought it up at work, someone mocked me. I quickly shouted at them "YOU WOULDN'T LAST ONE MINUTE ON THE CREEK". This brewed in my skull for years.. Now I offer you a TROIKA! compatible version of this experience. So uh.. roll up a character with the background of choice.
  • This is a cosm ic dread simulator, that could also function as a funnel. Maybe you're playing a game and you need a duel and someone shouts "YOU WOULDN'T LAST ONE MINUTE ON THE CREEK"... ya.. now u kno what will happen.
  • You could also use it as a quick way to level up your TROIKA! characters.
  • It's also totally functional as a 1-player game.
  • let me know (@hypatiasangst on Twitter) how many seconds you make it on the creek... maybe we'll make a leaderboard. Currently a pickup truck made it 10 seconds before taking a frisbee to the face and being sent to its doom in the creek.

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